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Default Nameless Axleback just arrived - should I be worrried?

EDIT: Nothing to worry about after all. I'm absolutely happy with the fitment and sound. Thanks for your input.

Should I be worried that they're not exactly symmetrical? Meaning, when I lay them down, one sits perfectly flat (both tips lay flat) while the other one kinda leans to the side... hope all this makes sense...

They also have the "nameless" plates welded to different spots of the exhaust where as in most pictures I've seen they're symmetrical and done perfectly; the two pipes of a quad exhaust mirror each other.

I just don't want to spent the time installing them if others may have experienced / seen this and know that I maybe received defective ones and should exchange...

I have a 2012 WRX - Quad Tip Non-Staggered Single Wall.

This image shows the "nameless" plates welded to different spots - not a big deal but still worth mentioning to see if others have seen the same before.

This image was supposed to show the left one raised up a lot higher... but it ended up just being my carpet in my other room... it's only slightly raised higher... bad...

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