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Thanks to all of you guys who inspired me. today, after much delay, i got a camera installed on my car. i haven't used it too much yet, but in my brief tests, it works really well. we'll see how nighttime performance is, but from what i gather from others who have used this camera, it should be excellent.

because life is so hectic at home, i paid a local installer to do the installation for me. i provided the camera which i bought from Amazon (Kenwood CMOS-210) and David Carter's harness (which the installered actually ordered from SVXdc for me and charged me the $26 he paid David).

i'm pleased with the result. it's a little less stealth than the OEM, but i decided to go with a highly recommended camera (on the STI forum, for eg) and one that the installer was familiar with and had good experiences with.

i thought i wouldn't necessarily like the camera lines, but in my brief test, the width of them really line up nicely with the extent of the car which is a bonus for parking in tight places.

here's a rough look at the install from the rear of the car:

here's a look on the non-Navi head unit. the red square is about 30 inches from the rear bumper. setting 3 seemed to give me the least obtrusive lines and fit my install well in corresponding with the extent of my car laterally (of course, any closer than the red line, things distort more...)

UPDATE: as i posted more recently, i found that those parking lines/guides are actually adjustable. i haven't had time to fine tune mine yet, but i plan to set it up so that the red line indicates 18" from my back bumper and also precisely set up the lateral extent.
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