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Originally Posted by delongedoug View Post
I'm completely convinced that the "acceptable level" of car tech is what was standard while you were growing up. For SCRAPPY, that just happens to be the Flintstones.

It's all personal experience really. I'm barely 30, and I still prefer MT or any form of automated shifting. I just enjoy it more. I've driven flappy paddle cars and it just made me want to be lazy and throw it in D.

On a race car I can certainly see the use and need, but on my DD or weekend track car, I prefer stirring my own rocks.

Flappy paddle fan boys will never convince people who prefer MT that it's better, and vice versa. We both enjoy our products for different reason. It's like the boobs vs butts argument; different folks, different strokes.

Also, people are inherently lazy, and if there is an easier way to do something that most people aren't "passionate" about they'll do it . Most people just don't care about MT, and that's fine, life is about having a choice to do what you want.

It's a shame that a lot of companies are axing the MT, but why convince people to buy a cheaper product? Certain types and models will probably offer MT for quite some time. Cars more based around tech, I can see it going bye-bye. I wouldn't be surprised if the next Si is flappy paddles only.

I'm just glad I really like older cars, because if it's an automatic, you can change it .
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