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Originally Posted by *Sunnie* View Post
I called the dealership on Friday 3/8 and told them the engine is knocking. I purchased the car around Jan 20th. The "service manager" asked if i checked the oil. My reply, which may have been bitchy, was "It's a NEW car! The fluids should be fine!" Regardless, i told him i'd check the oil and call right back. The oil level was fine and clean. He told me to call this particular towtruck company to get it towed in as soon as possible and don't drive it anywhere.

The next morning (Sat) i got it towed to the dealership. They told me I'd hear from them Monday and sent me to Enterprise to get my rental - a fricking Ford Focus (gag).

Monday came and around 5:00 or so, after not hearing from them, I called to find out what the heck was going on. He said he had a claim into Subaru and would call me the next day.

Tuesday came and went.

Wednesday around 5:45 i called again to find out any information. He said they were awaiting a new engine block which would arrive Thurs/Fri. He said their "Subaru Master Tech" is going to take out all the good pieces of my engine until they found the bad pieces, which would then be ordered in. Then put all these pieces back into the empty new block. I asked him if this is normal and if they do this often - to which he replied they "do it all the time to older cars, never to a brand new car." I asked why couldn't they get a new, already built engine? He said "they always come empty" (REALLY?!). I was polite, said "Okay just keep me updated because I really want my car back." He said he would let me know what's going on.

Well, it's now 7 days later and I still haven't heard anything from them. I have no idea what the problem is and I'm really ticked off with this dealership. I have had a terrible experience overall with these guys - they didn't have a WRX on the lot and it took 3 weeks for ME to find one 3 hours away for them to bring it in so I could test drive it. Then, during the test drive, the salesman told me to punch it and that I was driving like a gramma. After I signed all the papers, he told me to give him the best ratings on the survey otherwise he wouldn't get paid! Let's just say I was pretty honest on that survey...

I've been a happy Subaru owner since 2005. I traded in my 2002 Impreza for a 2013 WRX and I don't know what's wrong with her. She had 150+ miles on it when I signed the papers. I don't know how hard she was pushed before I got her. I didn't beat her because I knew of the break-in period (which the salesman said was B.S.). Now, I'm driving a lameass Focus and making payments for a car that I don't even have in my possession.

Any encouraging words would be nice right now. All of my coworkers keep giving me the old, "If I was you, I'd be doing THIS right now..." or, "I'd be saying THIS to them..." I'd rather not hear anymore of that - just constructive feedback would be nice on what the hell these people are doing. I feel scammed.
May be try contacting SOA to see what they have to say? Don't be mean just be polite and tell them this is causing you a lot of inconvenience and that your dealer is taking too long with it. Sorry to hear what happened to you. Hopefully they'll get your car fixed up soon. It's weird they're making you rent a car from Enterprise instead of giving you another Subaru to drive in the mean time.
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