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Originally Posted by Zeeper View Post
No one is concerned about meeting the Window Sticker numbers who is driving within the parameters of the EPA tests. Most of the complainers have one of three factors that are killing their MPG's:

1) cold start/short commutes where the engine never reaches operating temps.
2) high speed driving (you know who you are).
3) those who stomp on the accelerator.

If you drive on the highway at 65mph with the cruise on you will see 30-40mpg
If you drive in the city for distances more than 10 miles you will see the city numbers.

If you drive it like you stole it, or never let it warm up, or expect the EPA numbers at average speeds over 70mph it ain't gonna happen, and it isn't the fault of Subaru, nor the EPA, nor the PZEV, nor the CVT, etc.

And you can get better mpg with a fwd, or a prius. Them's are facts. You can get window stickers with this car, no matter what the transmission, but you need to drive like you value mpg's more than not.

Zauri, you already know all this because your car does fine when you drive it longer distances, but your short commute with a cold engine provides crap for mpg's. Potential City drivers should be aware, but it does not mean that the EPA test was gamed or Subaru is lying. The EPA test uses a cold start but the rest of the 30 minute test is with the engine warming and warmed up.
All true, it can take about 10-20 min for the oil to reach operating temp from a cold start. Go drive it for 5 min, stop, check the oil with your fingers, it will still be cold to the touch, depending on ambient temp, even though the blue temp light is out. Once the oil reaches operating temp it will start to cook off the moisture from condensation. I sure miss having gauges on this car and that is a future mod I intend to make.
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