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Originally Posted by DansSpace View Post
Moving out of the right lane on the freeway for cars that are merging is a big one for me. I drive slow, and like a person who's not a douchebag, I keep my slow driving in the right lane, as others should.
Or the converse, people that purposely try to keep you from merging. I had some ass puppet do that to me a few weeks ago. Completely empty highway at 8PM, the on ramp I was on actually merges into the left lane, I see him coming and he actually speeds up to try and block me from merging when there wasn't a person within a 1/4 mile of us.


So I bury it and merge in front of him where I'm treated to him turning his brights on at me which doesn't bother me much with a dimming mirror. Moral to the story, don't try and block a car from merging that makes three times as much power as you do. He shouldn't have been in the far left lane to even begin with.

I DO NOT, however, change lanes on the highway to allow others to merge from on-ramps. They have 2 options, speed up with traffic and get with the program, or slow down and allow me to pass before merging.
And that's fine, but if I have to cut you off to get into a hole, I will. Traffic is thick enough around here at rush hour that sometimes I have to hit the hole when I see it. And if you're not going to get out of the lane that you know traffic is going to be merging into, well, too bad. Sometimes it can't be helped.

Here's my advice. Always get up to a reasonable speed when merging onto the highway. Don't try to merge into 70 mph traffic at 30 mph, you're only ****ing over the people behind you that are trying to merge in as well with the ensuing chaos you cause. Also, merge with your gas pedal, not the brake pedal. Don't slam on your brakes in the middle of a crowded highway to merge behind someone - you're going to catch someone into the back of you by doing that.
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