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Default Just picked up a 98 wagon! I have a few questions.

So, I picked up a 98 L Wagon yesterday as a second car and kayak mover. I have a long commute to work and the miles are killing the resale value of the truck not to mention the cost of gas killing my wallet. I am excited to drive something that doesn't threaten to tip over if I go around a corner at full speed. I had a MKV VW GTI prior to the truck and it was an adjustment.

It is in pretty good shape. The PO did the seals, belts, timing belt, one bearing/CV shaft, O2 sensor, water pump, brake pads, and a few other things while he owned it.

However, it does have almost 168k on it so there area a few small issues. Namely, the shifter. I've already read up on replacing the shift knuckle so I am good on that. While I am working on the shifter is there anything else I should do?

I also read that the grounding is terrible so I'll be ordering the paranoid fabrications kit to handle that.

The main issue right now is the turn signals. They flash very fast and for a short duration. When the headlights are on the rate slows but the duration of the flash is very short. The bulbs are not blown out and I am going to go outside in a few minutes and check how they are in the sockets. could it be that the relays are going or it is related to poor grounding? I'd like to fix the issue tonight if possible as it goes in for inspection in the AM.

Edit: Disregard the turn signal issues! I found out that the driver side bulb was loose in the socket. The PO used packing tape to try and hold it tight. I bent the tabs up and now it works perfectly.
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