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Originally Posted by Horuku View Post
Since there were no cars within a 1/4 mile, you could have easily just slowed down 5mph and merged behind him instead of causing a potentially more dangerous situation by flying past the speed limit to get in front of him.
I could see him the entire time I was on the onramp, I was ahead of him while still on the onramp as I watched him begin to accelerate excessively to try head me off. It wasn't happening. It also happens to be a law in this state that you can not actively prevent someone from merging.

So, in summary, he was sitting in the left lane for no particular reason. Strike one. He was speeding. Strike two. He then tried to prevent me from merging. Strike three. Three different laws he broke and I was just trying to merge onto the highway.

Sorry, I'm not going to slam on my brakes because someone wants to take it upon themselves to be a delta bravo. kthnxbye.

But based on all your asinine posts that I've had the misfortune to read, it's definitely a superiority complex of yours.
You say that like I actually give a damn what you think about me. Cute.
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