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Update... I haven't done anything to the car since picking up the engine from the machine shop last friday. I'm not happy with the work done on my engine, due to the fact the engine builder smeared red rtv silicone all over brand new Gm gaskets, Lifter cover, front timing cover and rear cam / main cover... They didn't have my oil pan at the time so it wasn't installed. If anyone has messed with gm ls engines, Only a small dap of grey rtv if any is needed at the corner of the oil pan where it meets the timing cover. I went back to the shop monday to talk to the owner. They claim its what they do so it wont leak. I was like really, I supplied brand new GM gaskets.You wasn't reusing old gaskets and at that you can reuse gm gaskets and not have problems with it. I didn't tell you to put red trv on both sides and over the whole gasket. At this time I'm really biting my tongue, b/c i was told it would be 2 weeks before they even got to it. And i was never given a price quote which he said he would do. Exactly 2 weeks when he was suppose to start on it, they called and said it was done. I was like well okay, you never gave me a price, he was like well its $1275. So yea really blind sided with that, b/c i supplied everything besides piston rings and cam bearings. I even built the heads so they didn't even touch them. Got charged 600 bucks just for assembly of my engine like some back yard mechanic may of done on a old school 350 with tin covers.
After I told him I had already posted pics of the engine and his work on LS1tech, and that everyone agreed with what i thought, no knowledge of ls based engine. Then he changed his tune and said he would fix the problem, buy new gaskets and so on... But really at this point I do not want them touching my engine. I highly doubt they gaped my rings for boost as well. As I had the gap size stated on my spec sheet what i wanted it to be. So looks like I have to eat 1275 dollars and buy new gaskets and pull the whole engine back down and double check it. Not going to have a piece of silicone come loose and clog my oil pump or somehow find its way into my turbo line and oil starve it. Well this is my rant for the day... If you think im aggravated... Im way past that point.
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