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Originally Posted by Type2 View Post
LOL pretty sure the UMAD BRO was directed at you after your little tirade on post #47. Regardless, everything looks like it is coming together quite nicely. You're going to have a lot of fun.

Regarding the lightweight pulley, I researched it for my build and opted against it. The gains were too small vs the risks of misfires, idling issues, etc. Others like the poster above has used it and loved it.

Whoever wrapped your down pipe looks like they missed about 6" of the most critical part (i.e. right after the turbo). I would ask them to re-wrap it properly or just make a mental note to do it yourself. Also, they should have used DEI Titanium wrap - looks like they used the cheap stuff. It's still better than nothing, but when you are using a TMIC (like me) you need every single thing to be done right to minimize heat soak.

I see they used a SS line for the turbo oil feed - good idea. Sometimes the old lines crack and leak, and the filters in them can get clogged.

I wasn't being a dick before, and I'm not "hatin", but I still stand by everything I said. You have a lot to learn, but there's nothing like shelling out $9k on an engine build that suddenly makes you want to research and learn everything possible! Ask me how I know, lol.

Good luck! And I still want to see a dyno plot when you get it tuned.

Just a side note to the OP, your mechanic's shop looks like a pig sty.
I'd go full rage face if I spent $6k on parts and had stuff sitting on a dirty floor, just waiting to get mixed up with other peoples parts.
Its the principle I guess.

Good luck with your build either way.
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