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Originally Posted by EtoS View Post
Well the thing is I already have a 257 short block and 2008 STi heads. I want N/A and I don't need a ton of power, this is ofcourse an 1800 pound car. When I spoke to Dom about making an N/A engine he told me the best it'll do is ~160 to the wheels. I would be happy with about 200WHP though 160 isn't bad either. Wanted to know your take on this- is 160 the best it's gonna do or is 200WHP doable?
I'm not going to make any claims or say what it can make without some real engineering time or data to back up a claim. I think it would be a fun project for sure though!

I know guys that had mild Cobb cams in their otherwise stock engine 2.5RS, with lightened pulleys, lightened flywheels, full exhaust and intake and were making stock WRX (EJ205) numbers on the same dyno. So I'd say 160whp area is doable on a mostly stock EJ251.

Originally Posted by White out View Post
can the BRZ spin to 200whp? That's going to be your best bet for looking at mods to make n/a power.
That would be a fun one and an engine I REALLY want to build up NA.

Originally Posted by StatGSR View Post
Ziptie Rallys old De-turboed with 11:1 comp piston STI made 136whp/136tq with the turbo cams in place.
Note crappy stock STi cams (which have a myriad of things that would be changed for NA use), probably has 440+gram pistons in it to reach that CR with B25 chambers and STi rods, and still uses the stock manifolds too.
That engine was just a temp set up while they acquired licensing as running NA is mandatory in that series. I have several guys ask me about similar builds.
There is a LOT left in that engine.

Originally Posted by OrbitalEllipses View Post
Thus far the only numbers in that region have been on E85. On pump there hasn't been a TRUE 200whp claim.
Correct and everyone has also been doing bolt-ons. No one has done a true NA build, touched the heads, valvetrain, cams, etc...those are all bolt on cars and doing quite well for being just that.

My bigger concern in going FA20 is the lack of standalones and/or merging of harnesses with the ability to retain careful what you trim on a CANbus system (or even ROM).
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