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Originally Posted by Layvon View Post
Yeah it definitely wants it, but, just like at work Safety first!! This is plenty fast for now, I'm happy.
I'm hoping that dip comes out with the map I'm about to flash on here shortly.

Yesterday was the first time I even got over 6700, and it is definitely still pulling. according to that VD Graph.. 400+ WTQ @ Redline
It always pulls harder and spools quicker on the road, it's real load. Did Junior revise your map after the tune? That dip in your graph is partly just a dyno quirk and also what we talked about. You can't feel that or see it in real performance, which is what VD plot shows you.

That's the other thing! What I meant to say above was "look at that torque plot, it's flat 400 and holding out to your underated redline. The turbo is just starting to wake up at 22 psi, the boost is under 21 although you will see it climb above 21 psi with more load on it. That's OK though you know how Junior has your timing maped. You have the valve train and cams for more rpm's, you have the fueling! What's your oiling like, that's the next question before you go above 7500. Wait until you are tuned on E85, you'll be like; WTF, I think is just spoiled my trousers!

I know Dom has built very good oiling into the motor I have and I bought his 10 mm PnP'd oil pump to suit my motor and my car! I know I've revved my motor to 8K and it does that easily, the oil pump is pushing 90 psi at 8K! My issue is lack of fuel so i have to keep it below 7500 on E85, that's Juniors directive as we don't want it to lean out. I think once I have more injector then I can push my 58 lb./ min. turbo a bit harder and i'm sure find it's tip top end. I plotted a 3rd gear pull to 7900 a couple days before I had Junior's last tuning. I plotted a VD 3rd gear pull at 410 WHP on Juniors email pump map. The morning of the tune we were talking about it and he said; Oh we'll see 40 more HP over that today, then we made 460 WHP on the dyno on pump. I'm anxious to see how is it feels, spools and the power it makes on pump gas and VD again but I still have the car on E85 now, it may be hard to wean myself off that E85, it's fun having 400 WTQ before 4K!
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