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Theoretically, electric(ally assisted) power steering can be recalibrated - other vehicles have selectable "sport mode(s)" that reflect this - but it would probably not be worth the cost even if there was a tuner or dealer out there able to do it with these cars.
And yes bettrave, your '06 Corolla had a hydraulic power steering setup vs. the EPS on the Impreza and most new cars today (mainly for fuel economy reasons).

After driving the Impreza a bit more and comparing the steering to my Mustang (a quite poor example by any means) I've noticed the Impreza's wheel offers little to no feedback of what the front wheels are "seeing" - when going over different surfaces/pavement imperfections and a somewhat different vague feeling of how far the front wheels are turned just off center. This car no doubt has much better steering than the Mustang (almost every newer car's is vastly better), but a hydraulic setup allows a bit more kickback or direct feeling of resistance compared to the more insulated nature of their electric counterparts that I have experienced so far. Just have to get used to it, I suppose.
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