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Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
YOu guys crack me up. Not having true AWD is the best you can do? I was worried about that 'fake' awd until I drove the car hard. All worries left me.

Here is a heads up folks. I have owned 7 AWD subarus and a MS3 as well just for kicks. THe Golf R simply does not torque steer. Ever. Try to pass that lie to somebody else. But I have owned more subarus that most here and would LOVE another one. But the Golf R AWD package is every bit as good on the street. (have not tracked it yet, but have heard positive reviews form former STI owners)

I have nailed it from a stop (mild clutch drop with APR stage I) and the wheel is completely neutral, Just like my WRX and STI. The AWD in the Golf R in a daily driving situation and even driven very hard is Completely on par with the WRX, with the exception that it understeers MUCH LESS. FActs are a bitch huh? My 2013 Golf R with all seasons steers and responds better than my 2011 WRX did. IN braking the Golf was better, steering feel, the golf was better. Again, pass those VW myths to soembody else. I have been on both sides of the coin. The VW is not perfect, but it comes much closer to my version of perfect than the WRX or STI.

THe summary about this AWD debate, on the street you simply cannot tell the difference between the Haldex IV and subies AWD at all. I have driven nothing but Subarus for 12 years, on the street the Golf R is every bit as good, if not better in some cases.

Say it is FWD biased all you want (and you would be right). I will concede that the AWD on the Subie is mechanically superior. But with all the aids and the improvements to the Haldex IV system, I would dare any one of you to say the system is inferior if you drove it. Maybe the Haldex I-III were terrible, I have no idea.

Lack of 'true' AWD is a laughable joke. Quantify why that matters? The Haldex IV is alarmingly good.
As for performance? Well that is up for debate.

If any of you think you can hit 4.7 seconds on your WRX like it is an attainable number on a daily basis then you keep on believing that. HA HA.

Every since that mechanically brutal number has been posted WRX owners have been holding it high in defense of their understeering body rolling plow horses. The WRX is not a bad car, out of the box, but it is neither a great one. I have had two. I know. It can be made great with some parts. I have played that game numerous times on numerous Subarus. The Golf R needs absolutely nothing out of the box. Even on the All Season tires it is saddled with it is an amazing car to drive. I flashed it recently not because I thought it was slow, but because it was a crazy good deal on APR flashes local to Houston. 300ish HP for 500 dollars is just way to hard to say no to. I am done modding my R until I need new tires, and then summer tires will go on and the benefits to braking and steering will just get that much better... I can hardly wait!

JustyWRC. I do not know what to tell you. I understand completely you are happy with the interiors of your subarus. I was to, until I was asked to pay 40 grand for a car with essentially a 15k dollar interior. I will pass on that.

Cannedtuna, ignore Snow Drift he lives his life one quarter mile at a time. You have actually driven the Golf R and know it is FAR more than any GTI will ever hope to be. Drift has read a 0-60 time so he knows everything he needs to know about the whole car. I had an 06 STI as well and the Golf R is not as raw as the STI is, but you would need to be on a track to exploit that last 5% of all out insanity the STI gives you. Out of the box the STI is a better track car. I will not argue that on any day, ever. On the street the Golf R is in another league all around usable performance and comfort

If I had to summarize everything you need to know about the Golf R and any subaru on the lot. There is not a Subaru made today that offers the total package of the Golf R (reliability not accounted for mind you, LOL). If there was I would have bought the darn thing!!!!
No worries man, I was skeptical too before the test drive but now I'm a lot more open. I agree entirely with everything that you've said. For me I'm looking for a fun car with a little bit of DD comfort. I can go and buy an STI and enjoy the thrill of driving a car that performs great, but is a total let down in the department that I value the most when I'm driving to and fro. Now I'm not willing to cross over just yet, I'm really hoping that the next WRX or STI is just that good; but my hopes for that aren't too high right about now. Just look at the 2014 Forester XT, if that's a taste of what's to come then its just not good enough to keep me on board.
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