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Default Coolant issues

So, my car's not happy at the moment, and I'm sure it has something to do with how hard I've been driving it lately (taking advantage of LC + NLTS as well), but I can't fix that whole situation without fixing my car first. So, don't lecture me about what caused this :P

This all started a few weeks back, I'm driving around when I notice my ECT shoot up. Alright, coast as best I can into a parking lot, avoiding using the engine as much as possible, but I have no idea what damage I may have done.

Turns out the lower radiator hose just plain came off the radiator - all my coolant out on the street somewhere. I had most of a bottle of subaru coolant left, plus some water (distilled until I ran out of that, then sink water for the school I was by. Not ideal, but it got me home).

All's okay, until a few days later, I go to drive it (same bad watered-down coolant mixture in there), and again it starts to overheat - and I've lost massive amounts of coolant again. This time, it doesn't seem to have spilled, but check the oil, and sure enough, I found at least some coolant :/ .

Before I realized that the oil was shot, I drove the car one more time, just down the street to the corner store (I knew I had little to no coolant, but I also knew that the car wouldn't heat up in the entire trip). Weirdest thing about that - absolutely no turbo. The car would rev through the whole range like an NA engine, absolutely no audible sound from the turbo, BOV never let any pressure out.

So, my thoughts were: hope it's turbo seals and not head gaskets. I pulled off the turbo - first thing I noticed, not sure whether it was like that or whether I messed it up pulling the heat shield off, was that the wastegate actuator arm had come off the wastegate hinge. I lost the retaining clip a few years back, but it had never given me issues. Alright, that could explain the lack of boost, assuming it was like that already.

There's no shaft play on the turbo, the wheel spins mostly freely by hand (although it does seem to catch ever so slightly on something, it feels like - it also makes a faint metal noise as I spin it).

So, I have the turbo out of my car, no coolant in there except what's in the oil, and oil that was due for a change anyway.

How do I diagnose and fix what's wrong for the least money possible (I'm on a college budget, so even the costs of coolant and oil add up fast)? My initial reaction is to bundle everything back up, change out the oil and coolant completely, and then see what happens from there, but I'd hate to waste a carfull of both of those liquids...

Any advice appreciated - except that I should be nicer to my car, because I already effing know that :P
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