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Made the mistake of popping my hood to check my oil at the gas station tonight...

Two bros walk out and immediately notice my car and walk over and initiate the classic conversation that countless WRX/STI owners are forced to have:

"Oh damn, that's a nice car!"
"What you got going on here?!"
---"Thanks. Just checking my oil."
"This a V6?"
---"Nah, it's actually a turbo-charged flat-four. Two pistons go *this* way, two pistons go *that* way."
"That. is. siiiick. You do anything to it? You chip it?"
---"I've done tons of drivetrain & some suspension work, but still on the stock tune until next weekend."
"What's that? (pointing at the intercooler, of course) That a turbo... radiator?"
---"Kinda...That's an intercooler. When the air from the intake (pointing to the box) is sucked through the turbo & compressed, it gets really hot. The intercooler is a heatsink that cools the air exiting the turbo before it goes into the intake manifold."
"So the scoop......?"
---"Stock and functional, the air going into it just isn't actually going *into* the engine, it's just blowing on the intercooler basically."
"Daaaamn that's cool. So is this fast, or what?"
---"She moves. Actually next weekend I'm installing an aftermarket intake, intercooler, exhaust, carbon fiber driveshaft and a few other parts. Should be a lot quicker."

He was practically in shock, just loving it. so naturally his friend finally chimes in, "hey, so how much ***** you get with this thing?" Laughing and just trying to appease them at this point, I go, "hey, boost gets you laid, right?"

The first guy asking all the questions thanks me and shakes my hand lol.

(and who am I kidding, the only girls I end up being interested in are the ones who will listen to this engineer giddily explain how forced induction works.)
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