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Originally Posted by danstheman7 View Post
I had 15" steel wheels on the stock YOKO tires, and they were terrible. The smaller tire (it was 195) made the ground clearance slightly lower, for starters. They were decently quiet on the highway, though.
I think you have it backwards. You're now effectively lowered your car 1/2" with the NEW tires.
The stock 195/65-15 tires are 25" in diameter. The new 205/50-16s you put on (as mentioned in your post) are 24.1" in diameter, and a shorter sidewall to boot.

I made the jump to 16" 205/50/16 Continental DWS and the difference is quite big. In the snow, this car is amazing, though on the highway, at speeds over 70 you can feel the difference slightly (a bit of shaking).
What kind of shaking? Vibration in the wheel? Your wheels aren't balanced properly then. (And DWS's are rather particular in getting the balance right)

And now about that drastic change in size... I would re-check your tires. Are you SURE they're 205/50-16 and not 205/55-16?

If they are 205/50, read on why those are a bad idea....
Did the company that sold you these tires tell you this was a good course of action? You now have a tire that's 1" SHORTER than what your car came with. Per mile, each tire has gone from 808 revolutions per mile to 838 revolutions per mile. When your speedo is indicating 60mph, you're actually only doing 57.8. 70? You're only doing 67.5mph. Ever feel like you're going slower (or everyone is marginally faster?) than you on the highway? Well, there's your reason. It's a 3.6% difference in height!

For every 1000 miles, your odometer will read 1036, as if you did an extra 36 miles per 1000. So you're actually adding more miles onto the car than necessary. And then you have the MPG issue. Take what you're getting, and subtract 3.6% from miles travelled and THEN do the math. Say your odometer says 400 miles at your next fill. You actually only did 385.6. (3.6 miles less per 100 miles than indicated.)

Did you buy these online or through a local store? The local store should have told you the difference before selling them. But, I'm willing to bet you just buoght them because they came with the wheels you wanted.

I wouldn't think that the slight weight difference would effect how the car feels and rattles, nor have I experienced any change personally.
It shouldn't, when balanced properly.

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