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Originally Posted by akfmx View Post
I don't think anyone is saying Undergrounds prices are unreasonably high. They are probably spot on with the amount of work and time it takes.

Some people, like myself, get a lot more satisfaction and pride from doing work like this themselves. I've watched several videos on rolling fenders, and it seems like something I could easily do IF I had a roller. Granted, I own a 13 year old car so if I messed up, it wouldn't be that big of a deal to me.

There are some things that would just take too much time and money to learn and DIY. Paint and bodywork is one of those for myself.

Does this mean that Underground will lose business? Probably not. There will ALWAYS be someone paying the professionals to do the work either because they can't do it themselves or because they don't trust themselves with that type of work.
Underground always seems to have a line out the door with big builds, including Caleb's father's supercharged Raptor. I'm not speaking for them but I doubt their loosing any sleep over a fender roll. It is a very time consuming process to get done correctly.

Originally Posted by gnarly View Post
Couldn't of said it better myself. I wasn't saying I wouldn't use the shop, I just like to do some things on my own.

I was just looking for a little info, new to the area and was just expressing my options. Not sure why anyone would slam someone for wanting to do their own work.
No one is trying to be slamming anyone. I just see far too much of this in here anymore…young or new people lowballing shops or people for their used parts. These shops need to keep the lights on, their families and their employees' families fed, insurance and taxes paid up. It is tough for the small business owners out there. These are skilled artisans, passionate about what they are doing. Would you go to the best local restaurant, order filet mignon and expect to pay a big mac value meal price, I think not.

Originally Posted by EvolvedAK View Post
No one is slamming the efforts of doing the work yourself, they're slamming you for being cheap because of your comment earlier on came off as such. Just because a socket costs a certain price, should I expect a shop not to charge me more than the cost of one? You pay for the labor time + experience and if you want things done correctly time adds up.

No one is discouraging DIY in this thread, they're merely defending the reason behind the cost. If you don't want to pay the cost, then feel free to DIY but the results may not come as you expect them to be.

More or less your comment earlier just came out in a way that was going to create the responses received. Obviously experience comes in due time and practice, but do you want to start practicing on your car is the true question.


Originally Posted by granny View Post
Both Alex and Underground do GREAT work. Don't know why The Mikes are getting so defensive. If two places both do great work then why not go to the cheaper? Personally I would get a roller, do it, and sell it. Probably get most of your money back and if you do your homework and take your time it should come out great. If the "new school" guys are the ones who actually want to learn and do things themselves and not smooch off everyone else to build their car for them I would say we're taking a step in the right direction.
There, I corrected your post for you.

The Mike's aren't getting defensive, Caleb. This one certainly isn't.

Take it from someone who has tried to go the less expensive route a few times. It is rarely cheaper in the long run.

Let's say you buy a roller, spend a week learning to use the thing, then get up enough gumption to try it on your car, only to ruin a fender or make it look so ridiculous you're embarrassed to drive it. Imagine the time, effort and expense of getting a new fender and repeating that process until you get it right. Sometimes you just have to pay to play.

If you want a DIY car, go that route. Some people take pride in that. I've built race and street bikes in the past from the bare frame up. I was proud of that. And now, I've moved on. Do you really think you are the only one who has ever done something on your own vehicle, Caleb?

For some people, time is money. To pay an experienced professional for their expertise is not something shameful. It is a win win situation for customer and builder. It keeps doors open and gives livelihood to a business. Meanwhile, i can pursue medical school without grease under my finger nails when I see my patients and drive a championship caliber car.

Capisce? It's all about perspective, padawan.
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