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Originally Posted by ST Eye View Post
People are not "fine" with burning that much and neither is Subaru. That's why if you do a consumption test and it turns out you consume that much oil you'll get a short block. SOA goes by the industry standard.

Should I have gotten a new engine for both of my Honda Preludes as well as my previous STI because it consumed 1qt every 2k miles? Not trying to take SOA's side or start an argument, but you have to draw the line somewhere.
I can't tell whose side you're on from that response....

I had the consumption done today, another qt was added after 2000 miles. The tech said it looks like my oil light comes on when its about 3/4 low. I found it strange how he said "my light", like its different for my car and not standard.

Also the guy at counter mentioned that he heard of a firmware update that corrected an issue with the low light coming on too early, but thought it was only for 2013s (he wasn't the usual Subaru guy, I didnt ask the tech about it).

If this continues for the life of the car I will be putting a qt in every 1500-2k, meaning 3 to 4 additional qts between changes. Gregorz has a point, do I even need to ever change it?

They again mentioned that 1qt every 1200 is "normal" for an internal combustion engine. Why on previous cars did I never have to add additional oil? I've got 2 more checks to go before my test is complete. At which point I presume I'll be swept under the rug.
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