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Originally Posted by Racer Dubya View Post
Finally, you'll notice this thread isn't locked, feel free to post your thoughts on how we can move AKIC forward.
Originally Posted by Wes_FSTGDB View Post
Our join dates say a lot.
Sure does WES.

My main beef..there is a double standard in effect. The rift started back when you became a moderator, Ralph. You need to own that.

Which rules are going to be enforced and to what level and on to whom? All to Ralph's choosing. How convenient. That is called tyranny. When you are in the good graces of the tyrant, doing as they say, everything is 'hunky dory' ….but when you aren't…everything you say is censored, edited, or deleted.
That is no place that I want to be a part of.

People projecting their views into what I am actually saying, seemingly without even reading the words I've typed or taking the worst possible meaning of them, without even asking for clarification. 18 yo Caleb saying that I should read the rules for the first time, so that I could better follow them? HE projected an attack into my words, when there was none. Sounds like someone has gotten a bit too big for his britches all of a sudden and how did he get that way? He wasn't like that at all a few short months ago. Several people sense that because he is your nephew, he is treated with special status these days. I hear this on a daily basis in texts amongst LONG TIME members.

This whole thing on akic…its a real mess. Kiwi leaving. I don't even know if it is repairable. A bunch of hurt feelings on both sides and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Many of us feel that with the nepotism to your little clique and this touting the Element automotive stuff has become such an obvious, over the top thing, that it has lost any validity. Those ARE good guys! They do their thing and that is great. I hope the best for them but there are other businesses in the Alaska that support our community too. This is not a one size fits all sort of place. I've supported them with business and use other places too.

This successive parroting of you, BJ & marshall carter, caleb and now kiwi feels a lot like what the 3 carter's used to do a few short years ago... ganging up on someone who has a contrary opinion. You seem to think that if you all say it enough times, it is somehow going to become everyones' truth. It's really pathetic.

I predate you here BY YEARS Ralph, many of us do. Only a very few of us post anymore from the OG squad. There is a reason for that. You got the slot to be a moderator (something that I would never want), given to you by your friend, Kiwi. So be it.

You weren't voted in. Does that give you the right to decide what people think or want to talk about? We were here and established long before you even joined nasioc. How overbearing of you,... taking away people's voices. Did you really, honestly think that you actually have that kind of power or that there aren't going to be negative consequences because of it? Stop trying to LORD OVER us. Quit choosing sides.

Kiwi was never like this before you became a mod. Things functioned fine without much moderator involvement at all. In supporting you, that has now painted him into a corner. Our other long time moderator, Chris (squad907) has never acted in such a fashion, nor was there need for it.

This place used to be fun. It used to be a place to let it fly and let off some steam. That would blow over and people would eventually get back to our camaraderie in it's own good time. Things worked themselves out. It used to be a community.

Now…with the meddling you've been doing, BECAUSE of your involvement….people hold onto their resentments. It carries over to the events and meets. Things never gets resolved because you quash it here or delete entire threads. People need to blow off steam and to get things off their chest. It's natural to relieve stress. People don't sit around and play patty cake all the time in real life. Do you expect them to always be PC? You don't have to continually interfere. Its not your job to control conversations or to limit what people want to talk about. You are trying to act as the big brother, thought police. Stop it.

Case in point: You and KIWI all but quashed my Thanksgiving night winter drive meet thread. Didn't matter much to me and Sonny. We still had our fun…safely.
You two simply ruined everyone else's fun. What is wrong with spontaneity?
You allow people to continually use AKIC to meet up at Bartlett jeopardizing our Autocrosses there. You've even participated in at least one gathering there yourself. A short time after killing my attempts at organizing a drive, you allowed a Tribal organized Hatcher's pass night run and you even participated in it too. It made no sense then and still doesn't. It's called meddling and selective enforcement. I guess that means when you are involved it is A-okay, and when you aren't, suddenly, it isn't allowed. Most here are adults and can decide for themselves what they want to participate in. It's called freedom of choice.

Editing my posts. Changing single words ("Feeble", …I mean, really? How did that violate anything in the forum rules?) to make things suit your taste. That is called megalomania. The question people should be asking themselves is do we need a micromanaging, meddling moderator. If they do want that, then they need to look in the mirror and say BAHHHHHHHHH! And follow the herd. Stop trying to mollify what people say. I choose my words carefully and deliberately.

I have not changed who I am or how I post since my join date in 2002. You have attempted to change AKIC under your direction.

I'll say this…I will not be handled or controlled. Trying to do so only strengthens my resolve. I know how to handle myself and mind my P's & Q's. I'm not some big, bad evil person. I don't need someone continually trying to reel me in. All of our differences make us stronger. Attempts at homogenization will be met with resistance.

It is only out of respect for what we all once had that I am even engaging this in the first place.

We don't need a shepherd. We can follow our own paths, thanks. We've been doing just fine without 'your brand" of guidance. Paul makes a good point with his comment…."looking forward to a NEW DIRECTION IN AKIC FOR OUR COMMUNITIES SAKE". Boy, I'll say.

What ever happened to Americans being free thinkers and having the grit to speak their minds? Am I of the few that still has a spine?

Remember, you asked.
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