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Originally Posted by insane_one View Post
What wrong with having meets at Bartlett?

Look down upon our decisions for meets at brobell or at Bartlett HS. We arent doing anything wrong at all. Yea we play in the snow because its fun. Not everyone participates in those shinanigans, some just come to say whats up. The school isnt coming across any damage. No one is there to be bothered, so whats the hurt? Cops have come through, they've simply asked us to leave. Ok, no big whoop. Cops told us the same thing when we werent allowed to skateboard at a certain spot.
Umm everything?

No one cares that regular meets are hosted at locations such as Taco Bell but people do in fact care seeing continuous meets held at Bartlett because many of you seem to think it's some kind of free open playground for your cars. That school is one of the few locations left that has permitted autocross sanctioned events and many of you hosting these weekly meets threaten the possibility of that continuing. What you fail to realize is that just because you weren't arrested for reckless driving doesn't mean the reports of what's going on doesn't get pushed up the pipeline. What's amusing is using a Skateboarding comparison to try and justify this matter. Considering that it's locations such as this that will eventually get fed up of people skateboarding and damaged property, only to eventually have no Skateboarding signs posted up. Guess what happens when it involves cars? No autocross allowed ever again.

It doesn't matter if it's not SubZero, Porsche or SCCA being there, what matters is they will fondly remember it's the same type of cars usually involved in the events hosted. You guys risk jeopardizing a relationship and understanding that has been in effect for years now. What's even more offensive is that many of you that do this on a frequent basis aren't even competitors/volunteers for autocross events held. This has nothing to do with Old School vs. New School, the only reason it may seem like the older group is because they've been competing for years and many of them also help with process of keeping things running. They may be the more vocal bunch but I assure you they aren't the only ones tired of this going on.

Have we all taken time to play at Bartlett before? Sure. However, it's when people start making this some kind of regular thing and advertising it to form larger groups that it becomes an issue. Do you think the cops are the only ones reporting the situation? You do realize there is overnight security or janitorial services at every High School in Anchorage, especially Bartlett. They do and will report what's going on and usually they are the ones who make the call to police to come by, as well as make the calls/emails to superiors in the district. Also keep in mind that Bartlett is no longer a quiet isolated spot in Anchorage. Tikatnu has significant traffic now passing by and with it much greater attention to that area.

The community has lost it's right to compete at other locations for MUCH LESS than this and what you threaten (and when I say "you" I'm not targeting you specifically but in general the people doing this) is one of the few remaining locations these event groups have left to get authorization for. Groups that have to spend the time and money to get the permits and insurance necessary to keep things going. Something significant may have not happened yet, but it sure as hell doesn't mean it can't happen and once it does, that will be the end of it. You think there is drama now? Just wait because if it causes an end to their relationship, you'll have drama alright.

What people are simply asking for is for those of you that insist on weekly meets to be considerate of what's going on and to just find somewhere else to have your fun. At the very minimum avoid posting locations of where you intend on playing at. It's not much to ask for, if you want more respect than take the time to be considerate to those with roots buried deep into AutoSports. Many of you can always find another place to have your after hours fun but there are only so many places that events like AutoX can be officially held at.

Originally Posted by insane_one View Post
Funy how you oldschool guys complain on how "back in my day" but take no effort into whats going on TODAY. AMA (Alaska Modified Autos) regularly hold meets, cruises, and all kinds of fun stuff.
Plenty around from the old school groups here have held meets within the last 6 months. What many of you newer blood seem to want is weekly meets like brobell and that just doesn't happen here. It never has outside of install meet ups which are usually small groups. Holding real weekly meets burns people out and eventually leads to just smaller turn outs. (Essentially they become unsuccessful and it ruins larger scale monthly meets) Most actual meets are held on a monthly basis because many have families and work commitments. Even then those larger events rarely ever turned into a rally spree afterwards. We all took the time to just hang out and shoot the ****, once people were done they went home. In the event that people wanted to drive around after they were quiet about it and it was done in a smaller group.
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