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Originally Posted by nosaj7712 View Post
First of all you guys misunderstood my entire post. And thanks for being jackasses nobody is being sppon fed I dont even know how that supposed apply here. All I was looking for is suggestions and experience of certain types of hangars that work. Seeing how this is supposed friendly forum, im not gettin that at all. Im trying to avoid torching my exhaust to bend it enough to get cleatance. Though im a subie newbie im not a newbie to cars ive been a factory bmw tech for years. So if anybody has any polite suggestions other than kartboys hangars that work and prevent sway frpm exhaust I will kindly take those suggestions thank you.

cupcake.....a bloody exhaust hanger is a bleeding exhaust is possible that they are different lengths and different materials...but it is as simple as it can get

if you can not figure out how to use a ruler and your brain, you should likely get enroled in a special school where people like you gather and get instruction on how to do things like weaving baskets out of paper strips and painting with your fingers

and you SAY you are some sort of 'tech'???

lord have mercy on us all....maybe you are the floor sweeper or the guy who mops the floor, because that seems to be all that you are capable of by your posting

or maybe this is an april fools joke......yeah...maybe just a fools joke

or maybe not


it it takes you more than a minute or 2 to figure things like this out, you shouldnt be touching cars...even to drive them
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