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Originally Posted by aeoporta View Post
So trolling is equated to pointing out that you should read the manual and use common sense instead of beating on your new car. Hmm you could have even googled for the answer. Yep unamused
So as you keep jumping to conclusions, let me also explain a situation to it's fullest because you keep posting implying that I didn't read the manual. For the record, I did, like that part where you're supposed to leave the car in gear to prevent the E brake from freezing. Then that part where I mentioned it was a n00b (see: novice, newbie, inexperienced) mistake (as in, I'm aware that I shouldn't have done it but did it anyway)?

Here's some more unnecessary context of the situation.

-I had about a minute to move my car as it was blocking a family member who had to leave on emergency, so I really didn't have the option to go inside my complex and Google the answer. That also leaves waiting several minutes for my car to warm out of the question.
-I don't have a hair dryer or heaters. I don't live in convenience where we generally need things we rarely use.
-My falling asleep pre-maturely on the couch after work (before I can suggest switching cars with my family member before I fell asleep to the car freezing overnight) didn't help.
-I admittedly never thought about hot water but since this is the first time (again, see beginner) this has happened and I really had to move my car, I was in quite a bit of a panic.
-I washed the car because I didn't want to leave the caked in salt while I left the country for several weeks, but didn't have the time to get it washed otherwise (heavy work schedule).

That's just the tip of the iceberg but I figured rather than tell a boring background and possibly what some may interpret as a sob story, I'd just come forward, admit it was an idiotic newbie mistake, and ask if there was anything I needed to worry about so I don't stress out several thousand miles away for a few weeks.

So despite that, you continue to basically are implying how idiotic I was? So I don't have the right to call trolling?

Good to know that there really is no place on the internet for good ol' fashioned help (because even Google yields Yahoo! Answers which is always 100% reliable!)
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