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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by chris02rex View Post
I would rather have a 5 speed then a 6 speed. Its an autocross car so less shifting the better for me. Its my opinion. I dont get why everyone on this forum has to be a dick.

because it is hylarryous to see what insanity gets posted here

jesus.....we arent being......stupid......but we SEE it here every day

would it have been a LOT better to have figured this all out a LONG time ago???....that is your FIRST mistake

now you already did a trans swap and now ya sold the 6mt and wanna know what to do now???

well...lesse COULD read and google and LEARN something about all of this and make a good, informed decision

or just p0p in here and ask to be spoon fed and get all sorts of idiots telling you all sorts of crazy things and YOU not knowing **** about ****, wont know what advice to take,.,.....and ya end up with a 700r in your driveway on a pallet wonderin why it looks like it wont fit

or ya could make a real good decision and sell it and be far better off

i keep seein more and more and MORE of this kind of thing here....guess havin children buyin more and more of these cars is not such a good thing
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