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Originally Posted by chris02rex View Post
Dude this is why i hate this forum. Im not a expert in subarus. And apparently if your not an expert your just some douche bag. Forums are made so people can help other people not just degrade them for doing something they want that you don't see right in your eyes. If you would ask before just assuming everything. There is a reason why I got rid of the 6 speed. I dont want 6 gears. I liked the car a lot more when it was a 5 speed. I knew that before i was selling it that i would probably just end up putting a ppg gear set it in but before doing that I just wanted to see what my options were. Im not some kid thats brand new to this. I've been in the subaru game for over 5 years. Just never knew a whole lot about transmissions. There is no need to just automatically assume that you know everything about everybody and start off the thread by being a dick. Different people have different preferences. You may like the 6 speed. I hated it. Im just hear to see if there were any other options over buying the ppg gear set before i pull the trigger on it.

If someone with some transmission knowledge could just help me on what im here for without being rude and degrading that would be awesome. Thanks

sorry just sitting here with a headache trying to understand how all of this is even possible
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