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Originally Posted by SleepNMnky View Post
Buffalo > Pittsburgh 226 miles
55 degrees, sunny & dry, no vent used, no defrost or AC, windows closed, moonroof open for last few miles only
One stop @ a rest stop, but aside from that 100% highway
Cruise Control set at 71 mph (speed limit 65, but with the end of the month quota & holiday traffic, cops everywhere so I used the cruise to keep off my lead foot)
Gauge read AVG MPH at 64
MPG 32.1

Pittsburgh > Buffalo 226 miles
50 degrees & raining, no vent used, no AC or defrost, windows closed
One stop for gas & coffee
Only used Cruise Control about 50% of the time but was set to 75mph, when off cruise was typically right around 78mph
Gauge read AVG MPH 65
MPG 32.4

(yes these are gauge MPG figures but with my dealer adjusting the gauge & accounting for the odometer error, the AVG MPG gauge is typically within .1-.2 MPG accurate)

Keep in mind that there's still winter fuel blends here. A friend of mine just got a 2013 that he picked up in November & on his ride down at 70mph on Cruise Control (we both have CVTs) he got 34 MPG calculated. These are honestly my best #s yet. But I still get annoyed that I'm 2 shy of him. I feel my car will always be on the lower end regardless of variables. But I will say, if I were to drive at 55 or 60 MPH, I'd probably be close to 36 MPG. It seems at 73/75ish I can get into the low 30s & at 80MPH I'm right around 30. I'll take it. I'm happy with my highway experience finally.

Now if only my "extreme city" or whatever you call it wasn't so awful my mixed #s wouldn't disappoint me so. I've always said that from the beginning, my problem really is with EPA's definition of city driving.
SleepNMnky, I was strongly considering trading in my car for a VW TDI, however by doing the calculations (with my car getting 27 MPG and the TDI getting 40) I would only be saving like $2,300 over the course of 60k miles! Not worth it from the financial side of things. That put things in perspective when I complain to my wife about getting lower than EPA mileages and how I could be getting so much better mileage in a TDI.
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