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Originally Posted by Vlad View Post
How did the romraider happen? Did you flash this before checking if the engine actually runs?
Are you the second owner of this swap and the previous guy did the romraider? Maybe he did a timing belt too? Did you do a timing belt?
If you flashed it without ever running the engine, did you confirm that the flash went all the way through, you did not brick the ECU?
What is the part number printed on the front sticker of your ECU?
I plugged in the two green connectors under the dash, inserted the "jumper" piece into the black plug that came with the Tactrix cable, and used my Tactrix cable to retrieve the factory map on the Version 8 ECU and burn the map below with ECUFlash.

I did flash the ECU before checking if it actually runs. I also pushed the stock map I pulled off the Version 8 ECU back onto it and attempted to start it, same results though.

I am the first owner of this swap, just put it in this weekend.

I did the timing belt prior to installing the engine.

When flashing with ECU flash, I performed a Test Flash before actually flashing the ECU, both were successful.

The part number on the ECU can be seen below in this photo (sorry, bad photo, but should give you the information you'd like to see):

I plan to pull the timing covers off and double check the timing. Good compression (120+) tells me there is a good chance this isn't a timing issue.

Thanks guys!
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