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Default So I got my VAGCOM cable in the mail...

First thing, hooked it up to my computer. It found and installed the drivers via Windows Update whatever... I have downloaded learning view, ECUflash, and Romraider.

I wanna plug it in just to see what kinks I have to work out. My car is still married to my accessport. I'm sure this will give me half my problems if I try ECUflash to pull my data from my ECU as the map is locked. Correct or no? ECUflash doesn't even have the option to pull my data because its all grayed out. For the record my tuner sent me version 1.29 since the vagcom cable only seems to work with that version and earlier.

I just tried to open up learning view just to see if the vagcom cable would connect, nope. I get an error about ecu init request fail. Big surprise! Here's the error status log.

[18:08:12.8899789] Learning View version 1.0 RC3

[18:08:18.8803215] OP 2.0 error: op20pt32.dll not found in C:\Windows\system32
[18:08:18.9023228] COM4 open
[18:08:18.9443252] ECU Init
[18:08:18.9663265] WRITE 6 bytes: 80 10 F0 01 BF 40
[18:08:19.0353304] READ 6 bytes: 80 10 F0 01 BF 40
[18:08:21.3034601] ECU Init request failed: No response
[18:08:21.3244613] COM4 closed

I'm figuring i need that op20pt32.dll installed in my system32 directory. But i can't find it anywehre on the internet.

I think Ive figured out the Romraider definitions (which in the post they put them in, made in way more difficult and not very straight to the point on Romraider forums or i just haven't become familiar with them yet.)

The goal of this post is to get ECUflash workin, so that i know when i pull my dp off and sell my Accessport that I'm not sittin stuck forever cuz i cheaped out and went VAGCOM which is what my tuner recommended. Second I want learning view to work.
Thanks in advanced guys.
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