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Originally Posted by tec_41 View Post

I just got my AP today for my 04 WRX. Using the Cobb OTS Stage 2 93 octane map.

I took a quick log of a 3rd gear pull, it's the best I could do since I had to run out the door. Please just let me know if you guys would benefit from adding/removing anything to the included data. It's not a hassle to go take another...just hoping someone can make something of this.

The car has TBE (Perrin catted DP), Turbo XS TMIC, and those are all the relevant upgrades I know. Stock intake. As you can see from the log, the boost is surging like crazy- Spiking up to 22psi at one point. And the inj. duty cycle is not looking good.

I guess I'll just leave it at that...where the heck do I start? I'm new to this, go easy on me . But if you ask me for more info, I'll get it. Thank you very much for any input!
The nature of the radically wavering boost and boost spikes indicates that there is likely some kind of mechanical issue with the car. This could be any number of things from damaged wastegate vacuum lines, wrong restrictor pill, etc. You can confirm this by downloading the fuel economy map from the maps section at, reflashing to car, and then do a run (but don't go up to as high as an RPM as last run - keep it under, say 4500 RPM). The fuel economy map will disable boost control - if the boost still wavers/spikes out of control, then you know you have a mechanical issue with the car.

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