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Yeah, ditto that on the pair of 8"s in the rear deck..

my plan was to use jordan jx53's down to ~500hz, and then cross them to a pair of seas aluminum 8"'s. The jordans are awsome.. possibly to good to put in a car really, but I spend most of my music listening in the car, so it's worth it. The seas are about the best bass you'll manage. I'd guestimate the SVX trunk to be a couple 100 liters.. so running the 8's directly out of that would be just about perfect for an overdamped system: nice tight precise bass.

But in the end it looks like I'll have to do something else.. god knows what.. probibly hack apart the 6x9 grills to fit a 5.5" seas aluminum, then run a single 8 in a small sealed box in the trunk.

God only knows how I'm going to fit a pair of seas drivers up front.. and the jordans will most definately not fit in the factory tweater grills.. so I'll have to modify those or fab some pods or something..

anyhow, all those plans are on the shelf at the moment
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