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Originally Posted by Akrexak View Post
Looks damn good!

Originally Posted by T0mb3rg View Post
Love those color choices. Beautiful car jive

Originally Posted by ScoobySubyDoo View Post
the tails look so much better now bro
its amazing what some paint can do!

Originally Posted by bruiser63 View Post
Car looks great! Do you ever miss the power of your sti?
to be honest, no. let me explain why, and this isn't for everyone.

for starters i was never into just going straight, or drag racing.
so power was never my go to. however that isn't to say i dont like big power, but it just isnt MY priority. i like to drive, mostly i love twists and turns and the nitty gritty of road racing. its fascinating to me ever since my uncle got me watching F-1 races as a kid.

the brz out of the box jut feels like a better car in the handling department. while many argue that an STi or wrx is amazing, its different. the sti understeers heavily stock, brz is neutral and i can snap the ass out on command if need be. so when i ahd the sti i had to correct that under steer by running stiffer rear suspension/sways etc etc. once i put the KW's on and now hte summer tires and it already feeling better around corners than my sti.

now, the power, well its lacking but the car isn't THAT slow. however there are times where i do miss the sti but its few and far between. just ask yourself, when do you really USE that as a dd. yeah its fun but to push the sti on the street you must be breaking all kinds of laws, where as the brz i can have fun and not really be speeding per say, you know?

but i would be lying if i said i dont miss the sti, i do. but its a different car and i miss it for different reason, mainly the EWG is what i miss. but i've yet to have a problem with the brz where i couldn't pass someone or leave them in the dust when the road curved. i really have more fun driving the brz on the street than i did the sti. call me weird i guess?

Originally Posted by I'mFineW/Slow View Post
This comment right here shows you are as classy as your choice in mods.

Have loved your cars and my only gripe about this one is no possible way to have a duck call BOV.
LOL, i'll try to get a duck call in there some how!
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