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Originally Posted by 05WRXWill View Post
This is some solid input, a little about my driving style, I try to drive it like a grandpa, but I get those primal urges every now and then of which I still try to be mindful of the flimsy transmission. I recall reading through the forum and hearing a lot of complaints about the tolerance levels of the transmission which definitely has me worried.

Perusing the local auto market in Houston I've found only 2 STI's of which I would consider purchasing though I would be worried about the abuse they may have already endured. An engine rebuild may also be a serious consideration on my end as well though I have yet to see any noticeable signs of imminent failure. Once again I emphasize that reliability is the first concern, the performance upgrades I mentioned would be the extent of what I'd like to modify (suspension, turboback exhaust, Accessport, BOV, AWD Tune at a local reputable shop). I'm not looking to take this car to the track or do any autocross since it is my DD (looking for around 300hp).

I will definitely look into researching Koni suspension after reading the previous post.

I will look into the possibility of purchasing a STI, though I'm still quite skeptical. Insurance premiums will raise and MPG will diminish further I'm assuming

I'm leaning more towards keeping what I have so I suppose I should get a bit more specific, Should I have the transmission rebuilt, or should I replace it?

Are their other parts that are common oem structural failures on WRX's that I should anticipate moving forward?

If these issues in regards to reliability are the worst of what to expect then I suppose the performance upgrades should be considered.

Specifically what would be a good suspension system to look into, I want to get multiple perspectives and see if there is a tendency/consensus among owners. Thanks again for the suspension advice, I will look into dialing in the specs given the previous information in regards to stance. (Koni, H&R, Tein, RCE, APS

What turboback exhaust kits should I look into? I want a low pitch rumble, and reliability that will won't goof anything up. (Borla, Greddy, HKS, Invidia, others?)

BOV: Which ones aren't prone to getting stuck/leaks/failure? I'm sure the stock recirculating one is probably worn down a bit.

I will stick with the stock intercooler as I don't feel the need to upgrade the turbo.

1. leave it stock

2. spent cash other places (i.e. not the car)

3. Source used parts and your cash will go farther

4. Motor build is easily going to cost depending on parts, low end with in house labor $4 - $5k, outsourcing labor $6k to maybe 8K. Parts are easy, labor is not

5. I like the idea of v9 swap, but this is going to be a used motor; take that into consideration. Full v9 swap would cost, parts alone i have seen them at around $7K on skid.

6. The last thing you want to do is build the motor for "reliability" , then upgrade the turbo to run toddler boost.

7. Be patient, look around for someone who has to move parts asap and get them on the low.

8. Explore 2.1 stroker option
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