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Originally Posted by 05WRXWill View Post
An engine rebuild may also be a serious consideration on my end as well though I have yet to see any noticeable signs of imminent failure.
At the HP levels you're discussing, an OEM block, either 2.0L or 2.5L is your best bet here. Run it until it fails, then get a new block and valve job. If going 2.5L then also machine the heads to enlarge the chambers.

I'm not looking to take this car to the track or do any autocross since it is my DD (looking for around 300hp).
300 HP requires a turbo upgrade. You're looking for around 220ish (pump gas) to 250ish (E85) on the stock turbo.

I'm leaning more towards keeping what I have so I suppose I should get a bit more specific, Should I have the transmission rebuilt, or should I replace it?
At your power level, the transmission is fine if you drive it right. You don't need to baby it, just don't abuse it with clutch dumps and such and it will be fine.

Are their other parts that are common oem structural failures on WRX's that I should anticipate moving forward?
Heat around the turbo area causes valve cover leaks on that side. CV joints and wheel bearings also tend to wear out over there first. Vacuum hoses and breather hoses over there tend to get brittle and crack. Etc...

Coilpacks sometimes go... power steering pumps eventually, but they can be rebuilt for cheap if you're handy. Radiator is a pretty common failure. That's all I can think off the top of my head.

Specifically what would be a good suspension system to look into, I want to get multiple perspectives and see if there is a tendency/consensus among owners. Thanks again for the suspension advice, I will look into dialing in the specs given the previous information in regards to stance. (Koni, H&R, Tein, RCE, APS
Koni or D-spec struts IMO. I already gave my spring advice. STi used springs or swift / RCE black for a little more stiffness. STi springs are signficantly stiffer than stock.

What turboback exhaust kits should I look into? I want a low pitch rumble, and reliability that will won't goof anything up. (Borla, Greddy, HKS, Invidia, others?)
Find a meet in your area and listen to other's exhausts. You sound like a mellow guy who doesn't want an obtrusive exhaust... Maddad whisper, Greddy Evo2 and Borla Hush are not too loud, flow well and deepen the tone. Exhaust brand choices will not affect reliability just a pipe. Just get a tune, as you said that was the plan.

You DO want an uppipe for reliability. The cat in the stock uppipe tends to fail and send pieces into the exhaust if you don't replace it with a catless one. Cat in an aftermarket downpipe doesn't really matter for performance at your HP levels. It's purely whether you feel like being environmentally responsible.
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