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Very impresive...

How about this?

*camera facing down a hilly road, autumn scene...leaves on the road...gentle sound of a breeze, and a squirrel runs across screen*
*scream of a flat six, shadow overhead*
*SVX slams onto road and squirrel...rear of car hits tarmac....sparks everywhere*
*cue Oh Foruna music*
*camera pans from nose of accelertaing SVX, across bonnet and into the cabin.....a shadowy figure is driving*
*pan to ahead of car...lo, a WRX! It accelerates!*
*Shot of tacho in SVX...power light illuminates, tacho flies to 7000rpm...shot from behind of exhaust as SVX accelerates in pursuit*

-windy country road-

*whoosshhh of the turbo WRX competes with the audio of a H6 on full-song*
*shot from front: WRX is caught by SVX...both are side by side....left hander, right hander....spilt S past an oncoming MPV*


*shot from side....transmission falls out of SVX!!, rolls under car and tumbles behind....CUE profanities from cabin*

Last shot...a mournful look at a wad of cash burning in the drivers open wallet!
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