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Originally Posted by boost-o-matic View Post
Some A-hole neighbor of mine years ago accused me of having a loud car when in fact it was my friend's car that had an open exhaust. My friend came over once at around midnight, and my neighbor brought it up a few days later and thought it was my car. I told him to stuff it. And if he didn't like it, he could tell my friend directly cause I'm not his dad. Also told him to stop letting his kids play on my property since we were now going to be acting like little bitches and nit-picking each other.

After that, I got a surveyor to come out and measure where the property line was. As I suspected he had encroached 30ft onto my property. Right after the surveyors left, I dug up some acacia bushes and re-planted them right on the property line, blocking his kid's access to the creek at the back of the property. Lol. I also told him he needed to move his massive woodpile off my property immediately! And, right when he finished moving the wood( which took him 2 hours), I hung a hammock between the 2 trees where his woodpile was. SUCKA!!!
Yikes, to create such an ordeal because your d*** is too small and pride too large, and then have to live next to someone who loathes you for legitimate reasons. That sounds like you just Fu**** yourself, good and hard
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