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Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
Because the rear doors somehow make it 'less'
The X4 and X6 having rear doors do EVERYTHING you want it to do, but somehow those extra doors and convenience are bad.


What does it feel like to be insane? I mean do you know it, or are you obivious to that fact.
Stay with me here...

X6, and likely X4, ZDX, and other tapered roof sedans are criticized for not having enough rear head room for their rear passengers.

I don't think they are intended to be daily use for adult-height rear seat passengers. Unused or children are more likely.

Anyone with adult-height rear seat passengers in the rear seats are going to OF COURSE gravitate to higher-roof vehicles... Such as X5, X3, or MDX, or any number of CUVs, SUVs, Minivans, wagons, or boxy profile full-size sedans.

I don't think sleek sedans are intended to fill that role.

If they are not intended to fill the role for regular rear seat passengers, then they MAY AS WELL BE COUPES, and keep the sleek roofline.

Coupes aren't criticized as much for rear headroom, or lack of cargo room, because that is a known and expected implication of being a coupe.

Coupes are usually sleeker looking, because they cater to buyers who know they don't need the additional passenger practicality. (like me)

Coupes have longer doors, that are easier to get in and out of without scraping against the b-pillar, (but can become an issue in close quarters with small opening angles, admittedly. Careful parking can help)

Coupes have lower, streamlined roofs, usually with the peak of the roof centered over the front passenger headroom.

Unless a sedan has a flat roof, the peak is usually over the B-pillar, and the peak is higher so that the arch line still provides sufficient front and rear headroom at points that are not at the peak of the roof... or they look mis-shapen like Panamera.

Coupes also tend to have frameless window glass in the doors, which is a nice and sporty touch. Boxier vehicles tend to have framed, and vertically taller windows, due to the typically significantly higher roof.

An Allroad-style GT Coupe with AWD would have just as much driving versatility, and less weight than a boxy-5-door CUV, and a coupe would not be as closely redundant as a boxy 5 door compared to a sleek-roof 5-door. The increased separation would ease the criticism that X6 and X5 are redundant. Or any related pair of CUV boxy 5-door and 3-door AWD coupe

Plus, CAFE is boiler-plate enough to call any vehicle with increased ride height as a light truck. An allroad coupe is less strict on regulations than a low-height coupe, AWD or not.

Fewer doors, and fewer structural door frames, fewer body pillars, and a lower, shorter length roof, all serve to lower overall weight, parts counts, and center of gravity. Power being equal, lighter is faster, and tends to be able to handle better with less inertial resistance to changing direction, and look better doing it.

So many people complain about CUVs and SUVs for being wasteful. Why would those same people complain about a lighter weight (and thus more energy efficient), less material intensive, less space-wasting version?

Why should I, with very seldom need for more than a single additional passenger, have to buy a huge CUV, with increasing occurrences of having 7 seats built in, to have AWD capabilities, some ground clearance, and some power under the hood?

Can you name a decently powerful, sporty, compact CUV that isn't bigger than 2 adults need,... just to widen the scope... with 0, 1, or 2 children who can fit in the back seats of a coupe, if necessary?

I grew up riding in the back seats of 2+2 coupes. My family didn't get a van or SUV until I was already old enough to drive myself, anyway.

Not everybody needs a land yacht, but may still want AWD, suspension travel, and powerful performance.
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