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I have an SVX, and open those long doors in my two car garage. Just fine.

Have you driven an X4 to make all those claims?

Did I ever claim a 2-door X4 would be a sports car? Did I ever use those words? NO, I did not. I called such a thing a grand touring allroad-style AWD coupe.

Are sports cars the only cars ever made with two doors and as much performance as a street car can use? No.

If someone has an issue with child seats... they have EVERY OTHER VEHICLE ON THE MARKET WITH TANDEM DOORS TO CHOOSE FROM, so what.

Maybe it doesn't handle like a race car... but if the roads were like race tracks, my Legacy's suspension wouldn't be beaten to death.

People are already complaining that BMW is offering too many models for too many different niches.

I simply point out the fact that moving X6 a little further from redundancy with X5, or X4 a bit further from X3, or any other similar pairing, would not hurt anything...

So don't complain about companies building redundant products, and then criticize people who call for more product variation. That would be hypocritical.

Heaven forbid a company build a car for someone other than you...

Maybe I should claim that you think BMW should never build another coupe whatsoever... because you say that it might as well have 4 doors.

M4 coupe NIX'D. Make due with M3 4-door. likewise for any 4-series coupe vs. 3-series sedan.
M6 coupe NIX'D. Make due with M5 4-door, or Gran Coupe. Or X6M, or 5-series GT, or X5M. Same for any 6-series coupe.

Mustang... NIX'D. Make Due with Taurus or Fusion.

Camaro and Corvette NIX'D. Make due with Chevy SS sedan. You can't put a child seat in a Corvette, children are at risk in the front seat.

Challenger GONE, make due with Charger, with no 6MT... You don't need it.

FT86 GONE. Make due with Lexus IS250/Toyota Altezza RWD 6-speed, and go back to another decade with no Subaru Coupes.

I'll bet that just killing every coupe on the market would be just FINE with you. Because you don't need it, so nobody else should want it.

How's that mischaracterization? You like that?
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