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Originally Posted by HipToBeSquare View Post
I've already suggested a WRX or STI powered, 6MT XV Crosstrek 3-door, which is a more logical choice to leave the rear side doors off of, and taper the roof down.

BTW... child does not automatically mean child seat. Some children are old enough not to need an insanely over-protective child seat contraption, and still would fit under a lower roof, in a smaller rear seat of a 2+2 body style.

I grew up not knowing of anyone, I don't even remember hearing of anyone who was a kid like me, dying in a car accident, for lack of a padded cell... I mean child seat. My brother an I sat in the back seat with seat belts on as soon as we were capable of climbing back there, and buckling the latch. And the safety seat that I was then too young to remember, actually fit inside normal cars, that used to be physically smaller than they are today. My parents had one or two 2+2 mid-sized coupes, and a pickup truck a bit later, until I was 15 years old. I got a driver's permit at 14, and started driving one of those cars myself before my parents bought a minivan and promptly left most of the seats out of it for cargo space, in leu of the pickup that was traded for it.

My brother and I, and everyone else we knew of, survived childhood to become adults, without being semi-permanently encased in plastic.

And people do sometimes still die in car accidents, despite child safety seats, and 143 airbags, and everything else that gets built into cars... because PHYSICS. two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Sometimes it can be a tragedy, despite how much preparation and precaution.
I meant to say, "These days..." Today's standards make it so that when most people think, "My children" they have to pass on anything with two doors until the kids are older.

Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
Um, yeah, you are waaay off the mark, but keep going I like it when you type when you are mad. Also just courious, do you double space every phrase on purpose, or is that a setting you have?

Your obsession with a coupe is borderline OCD. When a sedan performs the same in every possible way, but gives you more room, easy access to that room, and cheaper insurance. You are not calling for product diversity. You are asking them to build a car NOBODY will freaking buy but you. But I guess you are okay with that.

You want a MT, grand touring, AWD coupe, that has to have ground clearance and still ride like a sporty car.

Hip I wish you luck man. You are going to be unhappy for the vast majority of your life if you keep setting yourself up for failure like this. Your lack of grasp of automotive economics has long amused me. Any time you start a sentence with, "WHY Can't they...." just stop.

Look go buy a rally fighter...AWD ground clearance, Big HP, two doors, blah blah blah.
Hey. The dude just believe that everything in coupe form is beautiful. He's right. Can't a guy dream?

Originally Posted by Calamity Jesus View Post
This is where the woodchipper comes in handy.
This ain't Fargo, son.
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