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Originally Posted by mutydog View Post
yeah, i was afraid of that did you get a walboro 255lph? also, are you using the stock injectors with your fmu? how much boost are you running? i am trying to decide whether to just keep my td04, and get a fuel pump and fmu...and maybe a wideband too....or i could just switch back to my little Vf-11 turbo, and just get a wideband to moniter it. i really like how the td04 spools much faster than the vf-11, and doesnt run out of breath at high rpms It still seems so wierd to me that a bit bigger of a turbo at 5psi would use have more issues than a vf-11 at 7-8 psi. i never had any fuel cut issues with it!

Oh, and subaruimprezapower, i didnt have any check engine light from boost until it accidentaly spiked to about 10 psi on my little turbo. with less than that, you shouldnt get any codes at all.
Walbro 255- yes
Stock injectors- yes
Boost- 7 psi

Upgraded injectors isn't usually needed at these boost levels and won't run properly without some sort of electronic fuel/engine management. vf-11 should be spooling sooner because of the smaller turbines fyi.

Keep the td04, upgrade fuel pump, buy td04, enjoy being faster

This should help you out and should get you out of requiring a wideband.
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