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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by PlasticFoamMan View Post
That's a huge gain in mpg for a tiny piece of plastic, doesn't seem possible in my experience.

For me, the prodrive lip made things a little less twitchy. Using w/ an APR splitter made the front end so grounded, the rear felt terrible . Gas mileage dropped with that setup.

V2 lip made about the same difference in reducing twitch at speed, but no noticeable change in mileage.

did ya ever notice the little flaps that stick down an inch or so in front of the front tires????

the manufacturers wouldnt install them if those tiny little pieces of plastic didnt do anything.....cheaper to leave them off....NO????

I think too many people just dont understand simple aerodynamic devices and how they work.
that's ok......ignorance and stupidity ARE encouraged in todays world.

remember kiddies, last place is the new first place
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