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Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
So your hobby is whining on the internet?

I do not make due, I make what I want happen, happen. I wanted a pure driving car that I
could restore, I bought my Z and started working on it. I did not sit on the internet boards whining incessantly about why they do not make a small RWD coupe that weighs less than 2300 lbs for less than 12000 dollars. Oh and make it without AC and without power steering because there is a hidden market for it.

If you want a raised up hatch coupe with AWD make it. TAke your SVX and get out your tools and get to work. You may start trend and become famous for starting a cool new trend.
Are you sure that you aren't the insane one?

Gee, you want a sports car, so you restore a sports car that was manufactured as a sports car. Wow.

Big departure there, man. You really turned a fastback RWD sports car into... A RWD sports car.

If there were a car on the market like I was looking for... I would already own it, or be making plans to purchase it.

Let me just conjure up tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in R&D, and construction to make a **one-off** car out of a completely DIFFERENT out of production car that is getting hard enough to support as-is.

Instead of asking that car manufacturers, who DO THAT FOR A LIVING, to make something a bit more interesting than they currently do, and making thousands of them, and selling them for their profit. Something they have the capital to do, and are well capable of, relatively easily.

The automotive industry has VERY high barriers to entry, as Fisker is the latest one to figure out, like DeLorean, and Tucker, and many others also have.

If building cars were so easy, everybody would put theirs together like a 1:1 model kit, in a weekend, and then drive it reliably to work and back for 5-10 years, with no down-time.

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