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Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
something seems fishy about that torque curve. Not saying it is a lie or anything, but I find it difficult to imagine a small displacement engine, with low compression, and a big honk'n turbo having such a flat torque curve. I would wager some flattening has been done to that graph.

Even so, if it is only 70% true, that must be one FAST spooling and efficient turbo...
This is definitely engine dyno data, so it's not directly comparable to a WRX on a dynojet. If you've never seen engine dyno horsepower testing, the engine is run at full load in a steady state for period of time in some rpm increment (maybe 400 or 500 rpm). Then they basically draw a line across the points. It's very controlled testing, but it's not the same loading as putting some car on rollers and slamming the gas in 4th gear.

It's undoubtedly a torque-based ECU (Subaru is a little behind the times). If you map it out to produce that kind of torque, that's what it's going to make. That doesn't mean it's not capable of more torque in that flat area. The flat curve is how it was tuned though. There are tunes of modern turbo engines with flat torque curves, at least according to published engine dyno data. I could post a bunch.

You have to remember that Daimler uses a very efficient combustion system, more advanced (and in many ways more expensive) than almost anything else available right now.
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