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I haven't ever seen any threads on wheel bearing failures, but it does make sense that numerically small offsets would increase bearing problems over time. Cornering hard should also be avoided...hahaha.

moving on...

I'm not a suspension guru, but I think something is being overlooked. I think you'd call it torque steer, but I'm not sure if that is the *real* name.

Let's assume that a USDM WRX sedan can fit 245's all around with ZERO offset for a moment. I know this is fantasyland, but bear with me.

In the front, stepping on the gas will toe the wheels inward. It will also lift them up slightly, depending on caster. They will also creep forward of their normal location. Slamming on the brakes will toe the wheels out greatly. Since the WRX tends to dive, the toe out will be extreme.

The extra offset will give the tire more leverage to move around in the bushings. It will also give the tire more leverage to steer. If you press on the gas pedal when exiting a corner, the outside front tire will steer INTO the curve. Since the car is leaning during a corner, the tire will climb forward and UP! This is extra understeer that an AWD doesn't need.

Like I said, I'm no expert (I probably got parts wrong), but my point is that all kinds of wacky suspension gremlins are waiting to pounce on "wider is more gooder" guys.
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