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Originally Posted by subenoob420 View Post
urrently am running 17X7 rims with a +48 ET with 225-45 tires
1)You can not run different offsets on an AWD vehicle, correct? Eg./38 ET in the front 33 ET in the back.
2)What happens to the ride/steering/wheel bearings when you get spacers? Eg./Change the offset. I've heard so many different opinions just looking to clarify.
3)Do you need extended lugs or different lugnuts when using spacers?
1) It won't kill you. I ran different offsets for quite a while on my GD and I had no issues. I ran a 5mm spacer up front to clear my Brembos. (effectively, +33 up front, +38 rear). I tracked my GD quite heavily and daily drove it.

2) Looks like you've found your answer based on your reply =)

3) No, you can use whatever cone seated lugs you own. R.Reyes brought up the 7 full turns, I believe it's actually 8 which you cannot achieve with a 5mm spacer and stock studs. I believe the # of turns was barely 6. However, on the same breath, a lot of people have ran 5mm spacers on stock studs and had zero issues. Your call.

I believe there are certain 10mm spacers which have built in studs which may be an option for you if you don't want to deal with extended studs.

Please take the above with a grain of salt though. What worked for me with zero issues may not for you.
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