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Originally Posted by blubaru703 View Post
They need to make a flat 8.

Funk the hippies
There is rumor that the 960 (or 961, I see both numbers associated with Porsche's theoretical F458 killer) will get a flat-8. With four turbos.

If it does, and looks like anything between that rendering, and the 918RSR concept... Audi R8 and McLaren MP4-12C will both fall a position on my list of favorite cars.

I can only imagine a direct-injected up-flow* flat 8 with four twin-scroll, variable vane turbochargers with custom turbine chamber castings, bolted straight to the exhaust ports on the heads, and feeding a large 4-in-2-out intercooler assembly, and back into the under-slung intake runners, one on each side.

People are used to seeing twin scroll turbos with each chamber for a pair of exhaust ports... why not a turbo for a pair of adjacent cylinders, with one 'scroll' chamber per cylinder, with a minimum distance from exhaust valve to turbine... Especially if the adjacent pistons have a firing order directly out of phase with each other, and an even interval between pulses back and forth.

If it were to get a valvematic-like valve lift control system, in addition to the variocam dual cam timing adjustments... theoretically, the engine could be throttle-less, adjusting engine speed with valve timing and lift alone. One less impediment in the intake tract.

(*-dry intake manifold tubes on the bottom side, exhaust exiting upward to the top side of the engine)
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