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Originally Posted by philly15 View Post
Lol I dunno I ran Mobil 1 75-90 and a qt of synchromesh in all my cars without an issue but I changed it almost every other oil change that's a lot of heat you're putting into that fluid and in the trans breaks down a lot more quickly hence the point of possibly switching to something race oriented

the synchromesh is quite thin and wont really hold up well...which is one of the reasons i changed 'the cockail' mix to reduce the quantity used

you could likely use 1/2 quart and still get the same benifit as using a full quart....and also beinifit from having a bit more regular lube in the trans

a little synchromesh goes a long first experiment was adding 200ml of synchromesh to my trans and it was glaringly apparent that just that little bit had been added
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