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Originally Posted by SoapBox View Post
Amazing that you could like 944 despite it's power/weight, yet hate the BRZ for teh very same thing.
Correction to the heritage comment:

One was $2600 so I didn't feel bad stripping the **** out of it to get it under 2000lbs.
One didn't have power anything or tons of safety crap to begin with.
One was from the 80's and still has similar metrics to a car made 30 years later (minus 40 hp, but the 944S was closer).
One had stock awesome widebody.

I fault the BRZ for being not much improved over a 30 year old car that is priced basically at scrap material rates. New, warranty, inflation, blah blah. I never would have bought a 944 new back in the day either... I just got lucky it didn't hold it's value like any other porsche. It's all about the performance per $.
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