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Originally Posted by 4wdwrx View Post
I'm waiting for that day when we hit the 300mph mark in a production car.

Instead of more and more power, crazy light weight, why not new cutting technology. I mean someone needs to figure out how to hover or levitate, antigravity.
This brings up a valid point, and one that has been in the back of my mind.

For the money that these 200+ mph supercars cost anymore... the most recent crop at the Geneva auto show were 1-4 million dollars...

Why not buy a PLANE?

Planes have much less problem going fast, and if something goes wrong, there is a slim chance that the circumstances might allow you to glide down.

Something going wrong in a car at that speed... you become a rolling ball of twisted metal, glass, plastic, and bloody goo with even more certainty than an aircraft malfunction causing a plane crash.

If I had millions to spend on toys... I would be looking for a plane design for performance flying, using modern Very Light Jet technology.

Flying old prop, and maybe even early jet fighters is very cool, don't get me wrong... but there seems to be very little in the way of new-technology in pilot-centered performance aircraft for civilian pilots. It seems to be focused on bringing passengers along, and getting to distant locations, which is a good thing, too, but a different sort of aircraft.

Trying to make a car fly (all sorts of futuristic "flying car" predictions for the last half century), or trying to make a car travel at speeds that are extremely dangerous on the obstacle-rich ground, seems like it would have diminishing returns.

Just get an actual plane.
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