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Originally Posted by HipToBeSquare View Post
Hovering is standing still.

You are talking about levitation while at speed, which is a form of flying.

Whether you do that with power... which is likely insanely demanding, power-wise to constantly counteract gravity.

And merely levitating just above a surface while traveling at high speed does not offer much assurance from obstacles that are common along the ground.

Not only that, but yaw control authority to turn is reduced, and roll would be a problem, unless the levitation height is higher that the vehicle's maximum width. Aircraft (which anything suspended above the ground could be considered a form of aircraft, without ground contact) don't yaw on a dime.

Pitch variation would also be problematic, as nose-down would likely create an aerodynamic force that would force the vehicle to nose into the ground, and nose-up pitch would likely produce so much lift, that the vehicle would flip end over end, like a Lemans Prototype Racer on a bad day.

Ekranoplans are ground-effect flyers, but even they require wings, and are usually intended to cross bodies of water, where there aren't man-made and natural landmark obstacles.

Ground contact and friction are what produce the control authority that a car has.

Without it, a hovercraft usually has to maintain lower speeds, and higher speed aircraft have to maintain altitude above obstacles on the ground.
I agree with you, I understand all those issues. But you are just thinking current technology-- current practical knowledge.

I am thinking about ways to manipulate the earths magnetic force and redirecting the energy. That energy can then be used for acceleration and deceleration. Obstacles is not a problem, it can be identified using sensors.

The earth has such a strong force, I refuse to believe we cannot control this phenomenon.
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