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Originally Posted by aeion View Post

I Googled "brz jive" to show a friend your car and that squeezed its way in lol.
Hahahahahaha. Im gonna google myself when I get home.

Originally Posted by Calamity Jesus View Post

Can't tell if awesome "boy and his car" shot.. or forever alone plea for help..

Forever together!

Originally Posted by 2point0 View Post
Damn that looks nice. Great shots. Must have an issue with your shoulder if that much water is gushing out...

Is that the STi lip with Bottomline skirts?
Epic splooge.

Lip and skirts are HPT MOTORSPORTS

Originally Posted by OrbitalEllipses View Post

Probably an HT Autos lip and skirts. Definitely not an STI lip.
i ****ING HATE htauto.

Originally Posted by 2point0 View Post

Is this the trick?? I've played with metalcast and I could never get it to look glossy, it was always matte/textured but I didn't know much about wetsanding at the time and figured I'd go right through it.

Tried to do some fogs in yellow a few years back and ended up using stained glass paint and brushing it on.
Trik is many layers, wet sanding, and a high gloss and a uv clear.

Originally Posted by Ricanracer21 View Post

It's HT Auto, expensive as hell I might add. I don't believe STI lips fit the BRZ, especially since the bumper moldings are so different
Once again, not ht auto, and never will be.

Originally Posted by 2point0 View Post

HT Auto lip is much cheaper than some of the others. I didn't think it was that lip, but after scrolling back through previous pages and seeing other angles, I can see it now.

STi has lip/skirts/spats for the BRZ, the bumpers are the same. The STi version is about $150 more than HTA. Everything else like Chargespeed, etc are all several hundred more than that.

I've been spending lots of time on japanparts the last couple of days, daydreaming...
Hta looks totally different than mine, and I dont like their products.

Originally Posted by OrbitalEllipses View Post

There is a BRZ lip by STI...I own it.
Yes, its the vlimited lip for the brz...has an sti badge. I want the underskirt....
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